Exhibits and Realizations

During my final weeks in Europe I came to a realization about my life and one major thing that I could improve upon. After visiting the Moco museum for the Banksy exhibit, seeing Rembrandts house, and walking through the life timeline of Van Gogh, I gained a huge appreciation for fine art. During my time in the Van Gogh museum I was able to truly appreciate the hard work and creativity that Van Gogh threw into his paintings, and understand the pressures that he faced throughout his life. It was amazing viewing the work from his early life and learning about how he viewed the common pilgrims as beautiful people who were a part of the land, using them as his primary subjects in his early works and adopting a textbook art style. As I ventured further up the museum, viewing all of Van Goghs amazing works, the style started to change from the textbook style to a more unique and expressive style that consisted of abstract elements and also elements of realism, which in my mind contrasted each other very well but also had a unique complimentary aspects. The one thing that amazed me the most about Van Gogh, was how many things that I would consider an imperfection in his work seemed to enhance his art rather than take away from it. For example, one of his paintings: “Vase with Chinese Asters and Gladioli”,chinese asters.jpg
Showed how imperfection can work in positive ways. The original vase was at the museum and seeing this very detailed vase covered in patterns next to the painting, which had an abstract feel to it was amazing because I could see the beginnings of his later abstract style.

This imperfection and abstractness is the one thing that I think I really need to improve on. I have realized that I am too much of a perfectionist when it comes to artwork and design, which is hurting my potential to grow and develop new styles. For this reason I have decided that I will start learning new forms of art and trying to find how imperfection can create perfection.

I am extremely fortunate to have been able to come on this trip with the students from ASU as well as Dave and Kevin who have been mentors to all of us and have given us the skills that we need to get far and live a fruitful life. I am very glad to have been part of BIS and without it, I may have never been able to experience Europe and the amazing countries within. With the BIS experience and this time spent living in Prague, I can definitely say with confidence that I am ready for the world after College and I hope to come back to Europe in the very near future.

Now to go back home and start building a rally car!

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