Getting Used to the City

The Workplace

During my first three weeks living in Prague and my two weeks at work, I have had a blast. About one week before I started this journey, I was thinking that I would be able to get used to being in a new country, but days before the trip I realized that in the beginning I was going to have to really push myself to get used to conversing with the Czech people. My first day of work was very interesting to me because my boss was extremely kind to me. I had thought that the Czech people would be very formal when I would first get to know them, but all of my coworkers have been extremely kind. It can still get really hard at work when having a meeting where everyone is speaking in English and then suddenly the conversation changes to Czech and I have no clue what is going on. I end up just laughing to myself because I know I can’t do anything about it but wait for my boss or another coworker to explain everything to me in English.

After eating some Czech food for lunch, playing Foosball with my coworkers and working more it would start to get really tiring. During the last two hours of the day I could tell my pace had slowed down significantly. Apparently my building had air conditioning, but the ongoing construction to add more floors to the building means that throughout most of the day there is always construction going on, resulting in a lot of banging and grinding. This can get pretty old after a few hours, but luckily I brought my headphones so I could play music and kill the noise from the construction.

Getting used to the all Czech workplace is still pretty hard because I can tell everyone just prefers to speak Czech rather than English, but luckily some new interns from the UK just recently came in for a meet and greet, as well as some people from Croatia, so I’ll finally be able to speak with people that will be communicating primarily in English. Aside from them, there is another intern that is supposed to be coming in from the United States so there will be a large group of interns hopefully allowing me to work on new things while letting the interns take some of the grunt work.

Meeting New People

My second week here, a friend from the dorm days of college told me he was heading to Prague for the weekend, so we decided to meet up and explore the city together. He was staying at a hostel near old town square, so I went to the hostel and stayed there for a while, and met a big group of German kids, two Danish girls and a kid from Kansas or somewhere from the mid-west who started living in Germany. He had the strangest accent I’ve ever heard and the expressions on the other German kids faces made it seem like they were thinking the same thing. Me and my friend had a blast hanging out with the Danish girls and learning the Danish word for cheers: skål. It’s awesome being in Central Europe because of how many different people are here and the chances you have of learning new things from each of them is really high.

The experience of meeting new people at a hostel definitely has me thinking about staying at one for at least a night or two after my internship is over. I am really hoping to travel to multiple countries and meet new people there or possibly meet people that I have already met in Prague. This upcoming weekend I hope to make it to Munich and visit the BMW museum and check out the local sights.


So far I have felt pretty good navigating the city alone and trying to walk a few miles without using my phone to guide me. At one point I had walked about three to four miles before deciding to head back to the housing. I walked for a really long time and realized I wasn’t where I thought I was, so I finally decided to check my phone and it turned out that I had walked down the wrong road for an extra mile or two and by the time I had made it back home I had walked 7.1 miles. The tram and metro systems here are also really well built and cover the entire city making it easy to travel across it in 20 minutes.

There is still much more I want to do in Prague and I’m having trouble deciding if I should stay in Prague or go visit other countries, but I think that either way, I’ll have a great time.

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